4 Days Stay In Morocco :

With Morocco just two and half hours away by air and a north African climate it makes for the perfect summer’s minibreak. As this location is becoming increasingly popular we’ve created you the perfect four days itinerary to make the most of your time in this tropical paradise.

The Most Romantic Destinations In Morocco

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Day 1 :

After incredible affordable flight from basically any departing airport of your choice you’ll arrive in the beautiful Casablanca Mohammed V Airport in Rabat. You’ll be greeted like royalty and offered every kind of assistance you could need for your tour guide.

Then you’ll be shown the local highlights and given a quick orientation of Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco with visits to sites such as the Habbous quarter, the United Nations square, the exterior of the Royal Palace and an interior visit of the Hassan II mosque, one of the Islamic world’s greatest and stunning monuments.

After your tour guide says goodbye you are free to explore anywhere that takes your interest and of course we recommend tasting the local cuisine.

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Day 2 :


tourism in Morocco 1

tourism in Morocco 1

After a restful nights sleep in the hotel room of your choice we’ll pick you up and carry on your adventure. We’ll be departing to Meknes (the Moroccan Versailles), which was founded at the end of the 17th century by Moulay Ismail – you will definitely want your camera handy for this part of the tour.

this is where Hebraic epitaphs dating from the Christian era evidence the Jewish presence and Greek inscriptions still appear in local Synagogues. It’s a place of pilgrimage where the tomb of Rabbi David Benmidan, “The Patron of Meknes” is located.

Day 3 :

Fes is among the best known cities in medieval Jewish History making this the perfect spot for you history geeks! It was once the home of one of the most influential Talmudic scholars of all times, Rabbi Isaac Alfasi, as well as od Maimonides in the years 1160 to 1165.

The guided tour will also included highlights such as the Mellah with all its Synagogues so be prepared for beautiful ancient architecture and old town vibes.

tourism in Morocco

tourism in Morocco

Day 4 :

On your final morning there’ll be time for a delicious breakfast before departing to Erfoud via Azrou and Ifrano. It is said that Ifrano was the capital of a Jewish kingdom in the distance past.

Not to be missed: the village’s only Synagogue and the cemetery has been a center of pilgrimage for Moroccan Jews for centuries. From here you’ll travel to your departure airport and catch your flight home.

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