The Diversified Portrayal:

  • Known as the “farthest land of the setting Sun”, Morocco lies at the intersection of Europe and Africa.
  • The country portrays rich culture and a great combination of geography and climate.
  • If you are visiting Morocco for the first time, it will be a lifetime experience for you.
  • Here, you will find a trace of the great Mediterranean civilization and the architectural works proving the old French presence.
  • Also, the whole country demonstrates the rich heritage of Muslim civilization.
  • Morocco also flaunts an exquisite landscape. The country features both sea and mountain.
  • Most of the population in Morocco is identified as Berber and Arab.
  • Majority of the Moroccan cities consists of an old town (medina) and new town (villas Nouvelles).
  • This great combination offers an ideal taste of a traditional and modern way of life.
  • Most of the new towns were constructed outside of old city walls during the French era.

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The Best Approach:

  • If you are visiting any new place, the best way or approach to knowing the place, its food and the people are to walk through the city streets.
  • When you walk through the cities and villages of Morocco, you will an opportunity to get closer to the people of Morocco.
  • Probably, they will invite you to the cup of tea or local food, exhibiting their culture-rich hospitality.
  • The Mediterranean lifestyle, which comprises foods, practices, and symbols, has been recognized by UNESCO.
  • The Moroccan culture is known for its celebrations and is very punctual when it comes to following its culture.

Poetic Mix of Landscape:

  • Morocco has both mountain and sea. Let’s take the example of Azilal.
  • Home to the natural wonder, the City of Azilal is an excellent example of natural wonders.
  • From magnificent waterfalls at Ouzoud to splendid natural bridge near Demnate and from blue waters at Bin El Windane Lake to Tamga nature park, Azilal is a must-see place on your Moroccan itinerary.
  • While you are still in the middle of your heavenly experience of Azilal, there is another wonder waiting for you.
  • The city of Safi is another tourist attraction for Moroccan visitors. This Western Moroccan city lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Built by the Portuguese colonizers, this port city flaunts some of the best pot work. The National Museum of Ceramics is another wonder to visit in the city of Safi.
  • Known for its pottery work, the place attracts the attention of the visitors through wonderous pieces of terra cotta. After visiting Safi, there is one more port city waiting for you.
  • Lies at the central western part of Morocco, the city of Casablanca borders the Atlantic Ocean. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco.
  • Serving as the country’s chief port, Casablanca is tourist delight. The perfect combination of modern and traditional neighbourhoods portrays the great combination of Arabic-Islamic heritage.
  • Casablanca is an ideal shopping destination. Known as the shopping capital, the city offers a rich blend of urban and traditional shopping joy.

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The Food Safari:

  • But do you think only beautiful landmarks, beaches, forts or buildings will satisfy your travel hunger?
  • Or spacious shopping malls will be enough to meet your travel appetite? Looks little bit impossible, right. When you visit Morocco, you will get to taste some of the best delicacies.
  • Morocco is full of taste and Moroccan dishes are influenced by Berber, Jewish, Arab and French.
  • Moroccan food offers a taste-rich variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  • Here are some of the dishes that you can enjoy while experiencing the rich Moroccan culture.
  1. Tagine : Tagine is a clay cooking pot with a conical lid. The pot is used to cook several delicacies inside it, such as beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables.
  2. Zaalouk : Very popular and common side dish, Zaalouk is served with crusty bread. The dish spread is made of eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.
  3. Fish Chermoula : If you love to fish, then this is the right dish for you. Chermoula is the mix of herbs and spices used with the grilling of baking fish and seafood.

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One of the emerging financial hubs in Africa, Morocco exhibits its wonderful landscape, rich culture, generous hospitality and delicious food delicacies. Visiting Morocco is one in a lifetime experience for frequent travellers, food lovers and shopping freaks.