Midelt Attractions

Midelt Attractions

Nestled in central Morocco, Midelt is wedged between Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountain ranges. The city serves as the commercial center and is one of the principal cities for the mining of several minerals.

The city is situated on the main road between Fes and Meknes to the north and makes a handy stop post between the cities and desert. The beauty of the city is revealed in the path from north, Panoramic views and landscapes welcome you in Midelt. As you move from Fes or Meknes to Midelt, you will see High Atlas rising out of nowhere. The splendid view is simply unforgettable!

Though the city does not see many visitors, it is a home to number of oversized hotel-restaurants that will cater to your needs and make sure your stay in the city is comfortable. The hotels offer expeditions and pick-up services, so you get in and around the city easily.

The city may be of less significance for the tourists, but it serves as a fantastic off-piste exploration of the Jebel Ayachi region. Once you arrive at this City of Apples, you will find a decent souk, a main street, and beauty of mountains.

Famous for its production of apples, Midelt is also known as “Apple of Morocco”. Apart from this, it is also known for fossils and rocks.

Weather in Midelt

Surrounded by mountains, the city is at an elevation of 1,508 meters and thus feature Alpine climate. The temperature rises 30 degrees Celsius in summer and drops to a chilling 9 degree Celsius in winter.

Snow is common in Midelt, even during summer season.

Tourist Attraction Inside Midelt

El Karma Couscous

While on your way to Midelt from the north (Fes), you will find the El Karma Couscous, located just 50 km before arriving in the Apple City.

The women of the Khoukhate village can be found here making and selling the hand-rolled couscous. The typical Moroccan dish is made here using the same traditional method as women have been using for centuries. Visitors can also head to its kitchen and learn how to make couscous from the women who work in the place. As a token, you will be given a kilo of couscous to try and make at your own kitchen at home.

After indulging in the half-day cookery class, you can move on to a hiking or biking trip around the gorgeous plateaus of the Khoukhate village. There are seven natural springs in the valley, which create an awe-inspiring view. 

Kasbah Myriem – The Art Center in Town

If you are in a mood to check out some traditional Morocco carpets then head to this kasbah-style workshop. Situated just 1.5 km west of the main town, this art center is a sneak-peak into the artistic side of Berber life. Many Berber women come here to develop their embroidery and weaving skills. The kasbah provides them with a decent space, looms, and all the material that is required to weave and embroider. Little local girls, starting from age of 15, come to the center and learn these skills from the elderly Berber women. You will also see them being educated.

Kasbah Myriem Monastery

Near the Kasbah is a monastery of the same name. It is inhabited by a few Franciscan monks. You can go inside for a sneak-peak. There is a ring bell at its wooden doorway, just next to the Kasbah Myriem carpet center.

Complexe Touristique Le Pin

This café-restaurant has an air of neglect channeling in its old rooms, but it still manages to draw in coach groups because of its good food and pleasant garden. It is located at the back to the left of the entrance and is easy to find. It serves “menu of the day” that has a couple of tajines, traditional Moroccan dish. You can go here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant serves it all.

The price of its menu de jour is 70 Dirham.

Apple Statue

Not a fancy building or vantage point, this oversized apple statue stands atop Midelt’s main roundabout in the very center of the city, lauding the production of apples in the place. It’s a good orientation point in the city and makes for an easily-recognizable backdrop for your Midelt photographs.

Hotels in Midelt

With beautiful Ayachi Mountain looming over the city, it is not uncommon for tourists to stay back in Midelt and enjoy its serene, picturesque surroundings. While, the number of hotels in the city is not much, but you will find one a little farther from the main town.

  • Auberge Jaafar Kasbaa Itto
  • Villa Pomme d’Or
  • Ksar Timnay
  • Riad Villa Midelt

These four hotels surprise you with a wide number of amenities, stately architecture, and cozy rooms. All of them have air-conditioned rooms with a pool to dive in and detoxicate.

Food in Midelt

Apart from its juicy apples, there’s a lot more to taste in Midelt. Whether you are after buffet, fast food, typical Moroccan dishes, European cuisine, or desserts, the restaurants in the city serve it all.

Listed below are some of the best easting places that you can find in and around Midelt.

  • Hotel Taddart
  • Taroukout
  • Complexe Touristique Le Pin
  • Cafe & Restaurant Delice
  • Restaurant Bougafer
  • Restaurant Adnane

Other Tourist Places Near the City of Midelt


Located at a distance of 210 km from Midelt, Erfoud is about 3 hours away from the city via N13. It is famous for the hundreds of million years old fossils and photogenic ancient Ksar M’Aadid.


Known for its proximity of Erg Chebbi, Merzouga is just 262 km away from Midelt. You can reach it via N13 in less than 4 hours.

Final Word

Midelt, the Apple of Morocco, is not your usual Moroccan tourist hub with historically significant buildings, dusty streets with mudbrick houses, and the desert edged on one end of the town. It is a serene town with simple tourist spots and the beauty of mountainous landscape on all sides. Midelt is one of the few places that sees snowfall almost the entire year. Less tourists, no buzzing night life, and hustlers make it an attractive detoxifying place to spend at least a couple of days.